Our life is the best life.

My family is my world! There is my husband Brad and I, and we have 1 son, and 3 girls. Zach is 6, Mckenzie is 4, Brynn is 2, and little Piper is 7 mo. We live in Jonesborough TN, while Brad works at a Nuclear plant, as a chemical engineer, I get to stay at home w/ the troops. Zach is about to go into the 1st grade, and the girls just get to hang out at home w/ me. Life is always crazy, but great too.

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Life, sooo fun!

Today is going to be a fun day! If I tell myself this MANY times with a positive attitude it will be, I know it. Probably not as fun though as Sunday was though! Sunday started with out little Piper sick with a case of strep, and, as it turns out measles too. So off to church Brad and the 3 other kids went, while Pipes and I got to have a relaxing day. Of course the masses had to come home sometime, and when they did it all went crazy from there. Kids spilled a 1/2 gallon of green paint in the carpet, while rushing to clean that up i left my protein shake on the computer desk, just in time for Piper to come spill it all over the computer, and carpet. Whew, that was crazy! Then as Brad and I were getting dinner ready, the cops show up, WHAT! Yup, one of the kids called 911, and then never hung up, so they had to come to the house to make sure we were ok, since the phone was still on they couldn't call. Finely we ended the night telling jokes over dinner, a few of my favorites were- Why did the Lamenites have sore knees? Because of all the Nephites!, another- Where did the Nephites put their armies? In their sleevies!, and of course Brad told me about one his boss told him, and even though I'd like to tell ya, Brad would probably not be to thrilled about it.
So on to today! Zach does not have school today, due to parent teacher conferences (we'll see how that goes!), so we were a little surprised to hear him up so early today in the shower, Brad reminded him that there was no school today (he is usually our late sleeper, probably so he doesn't have to play with his sisters, lol), but then he informed Brad that he had wet the bed. I can't wait for the bed wetting days to be over! But on the plus side Zach got to take his time in the shower, he could spend forever in there if we let him. He loves just laying on the bottom of the shower with hot water spraying on him. Ahh to be a kid again! I would love a nice big relaxing tub!
As for the girls, Brynn woke up at 5:30 this morning, the day I should get to relax a little. She stomps her way to my room (because, hello she's a kid and that's how they walk on wood floors, gotta be as loud as possible. lol), then in her sweet little voice tells me that she wants to watch Dora, and that she needs me to put it on. AT 5:30! So I put it on, but of course when it's over she's back downstairs. Then that wakes up Kenzie, and fortunately they can sort of entertain each other. Today is also payday which means grocery shopping, and taking ALL 4 kids. It's a great thing that I carry leashes for each kid. No running out in front of the old ladies at the store today, thank you very much. Well we will see how the rest of the day goes, like I said it WILL be a good day!

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Never a dull moment

The things these kids do, it boggles my brain.
Today Zach thought it would be interesting to unwind a whole roll of toilet paper into the toilet to see if it would flush. Of course it didn't! Then Brynn (who is potty training) went in to go poop all by herself, she doesn't get that it's gross to go in a clogged toilet. When I went in to check on her I realized what had happened, and tried to use the plunger on it. That didn't work because there was so much TP in there, so I called Zach into the bathroom. I said "guess what, you get to scoop all this stuff out of the toilet". Needless to say he was not excited at all, and when he saw what Brynn had done he really started freaking out. Thank goodness Brad was home to supervise the cleaning out of it all, because I don't know how patient I would have been with it all. When I look back on things, (even a few minutes later) it never fails to give me a good laugh, even though it sure does make me irritated at the time.

Monday, April 19, 2010

Crazy days

I'm sure all my posts are full of spelling and grammer errors, but oh well all part of the fun right?
At any rate life is good latley, just a few nervous breakdowns here and there, nothing out of the normal. Today though was a fun day, we worked in the yard and I actually mowed the lawn while all the kids were awake. Can you believe that nothing majior bad happened? It was great! However a little later on in the day, Kenzie was eating some fruit snacks and suddenly started pucking all over. I asked her if she was choking or if her tummy hurt, she said she choked. Ok no prob I thought, so off we went to T-ball practice, where she started barfing again, and on the way home, and in the house. Will it ever end? Hopefully this clears out soon!
Another funny thing that happened was when we got home I saw that Zach had left his cup outside, from this morning. So I told him to go get it and bring it in. Next thing I know he comes busting into the house, but I see he left the cup outside. I said "hey get the cup", he stops and in a panicked voice says "I have ANTS in my mouth", then he sticks out his tounge and sure enough there is a bunch of little black ants on there. I ran him into the bathroom wiped off his tounge and rinsed out his mouth. It was sooo funny, maybe next time he'll pay a little closer attention before he eats, or drinks somthing outside.

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Day one

Ok so I told myself I would never write a blog, I just don't have time. But then I found that most days i'm on the computer looking for somthing to do, just wasting time. So I finally decided hey a blog is the way to go, journaling here I come. Now I have somewhere to post all the fun happenings of my life.
Gosh! I don't know where to begin!
Well I guess i'll start w/ the funny (or not) thing Mckenzie did tonight. I usually have a pile of stuff at the top of the stairs, going to the basement, so that each time I go down I grab a few things to take down w/ me. Today I had a few bags of flour to take down and put in the food storage. Well if any of you know my crazy kids, you know they can't leave anything alone. This is a hard lesson I learn over, and over, and over, every day, all day. So anyway, Mckenzie takes one of these bags of flour and decides to throw it down on our wood floor as hard as she can, causing the bag to burst open and spray flour EVERYWHERE. I thought it would be fun to leave the mess till Brad got home so he could see the fun-ness my kids create. Oh well, that Kenzie she is one of a kind, i'll LET her vacume it up in the morning. Gotta love the unique kiddo.